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MJM International Corporation is continuing a 40-year tradition of providing energy efficient climate solutions throughout the Pacific region. Our story begins with the history of our founder, Jesus Pizarro.

Super Typhoon Karen made a direct hit on Guam in 1962. It was classified as a Category 5 typhoon with devastating wind gusts of 207 mph.  At that time, Guam’s infrastructure was mainly composed of wooden structures, Quonset huts left by the U.S. military, and a few permanent concrete structures.  Typhoon Karen destroyed almost Guam’s entire infrastructure. It left about 35,000 people homeless.  With limited resources, there was a great need to rebuild the island. Guam needed not just materials but skilled workers in order to reconstruct houses, businesses, and more importantly the livelihood of its people.

Our story begins with our patriarch, Jesus Pizarro, who was brought to Guam in 1962 by J&G Construction as one of many contract workers to help with the island’s reconstruction efforts.  J&G Construction was responsible for constructing many of Guam’s iconic buildings many of which are still standing today: Citibank, Hilton Hotel, GCIC, Bank of Hawaii in Tamuning, many military installation sites, Jonestown village, and much more.

After life in the construction industry in 1974, J.B. Pizarro began his HVAC career with McFarlane Associates. Afterwards, he joined Global Associates, the predecessor company before Pameco Corporation purchased it in 1976.  J.B. Pizarro turned down Global Associates’ offer to relocate to Oakland, Kwajalein, or Saudi Arabia in order to continue working for the company. He opted to accept Pameco’s offer to remain on Guam to manage HVAC operations regionally. This included oversight of sales in Okinawa, Johnston Atoll Storage Facility, Philippines, and the Marianas Islands.

Pameco’s history dates back to 1936 when it was formed as a wholesale refrigeration division of Pacific Metals Company in Southern California. In 2003, Pameco sold its interest and control of its product lines to J.B. Pizarro.

MJM International incorporated in 1996 and assumed operations of Pameco Guam with J.B. Pizarro as the Chairman of the Board.

MJM International is proud of its local roots and long standing history in the Pacific. Our projects extend from the Marianas Islands, Philippines, the Marshall Islands, and Okinawa. Our projects run the gamut of specialties: cold storage facilities, housing developments, military installations, hotels, retro-commissioning, and commercial developments.

Our distribution channel operates through five product domains: Heating, Ventilation, Air- Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Industrial applications.

At the core of our mission is quality. We believe in representing brands with an enduring sense of quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainability.